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What is it ETH7?

The ETH7 project is made for people. Everyone can earn here 3.7% every day. Everything is transparent, honest and open. ETH7 is powered by a smart contract that is created and registered with the Ethereum system and cannot be changed or deleted by anyone (repossession). All operations are fully open access, the algorithm works completely in offline mode, each Deposit is insured by the Ethereum system. Welcome to the era of new opportunities and technologies. Blockchain is the future of the digital economy, don't miss the opportunity to get acquainted with all the benefits of working with smart contracts right now. ETH7 - made for people.

Learn more about investing and marketing

The ETH7 project is based on the Ethereum Blockchain technology, and offers each participant a profit in the amount of 1.85% every 12 hours, which is 3.7% per day of the Deposit amount. Everything is transparent and honest, a smart contract cannot be changed or deleted. Each person can view the fully open contract code, and track all transactions on it. Our project offers good conditions for investment to everyone who wants 3.7% profit every day. ETH7-made for people.

We have long thought about the ideal marketing formula, and decided to fix the maximum net profit of the investor in 50%. This solution will be able to increase the life of the project several times. We do not have a progressive interest rate, as we believe this is one of the reasons for the rapid closure of such funds. The smart contract created by us is its final version and will not be subject to any changes.

ETH7 allows you to receive additional profits through the affiliate program. To receive a referral bonus, your partner must specify Your ETH wallet in the "DATA" field when creating a Deposit. And you will be charged 4% of the Deposit amount of Your partner. Referral Commission is automatically sent to the ETH wallet of the inviter. A Deposit is required to receive referral fees.

Distribution of funds

  • Payments to investors - 89%
  • Advertising budget - 8%
  • Service fee - 3%

Every day we work on the development and promotion of our platform worldwide. 8% is the amount that is necessary for the implementation of our advertising ideas and every day we are joined by dozens of new investors from around the world. We analyze in detail the quality and conversion of each advertiser, but we follow the plan of smooth and reasonable promotion of the project.

How to make an investment?

To invest in ETH7, send ETH funds (minimum 0.01 ETH) to our project address

Recommended gas limit: 250000, the actual gas price can be taken с



We recommend using only secure Ethereum wallets:

To exchange funds and replenish Your ETH account, you can use the services of the exchange service bestchange.com

It is not allowed to transfer from exchanges, or exchange services, only from your personal ETH wallet, from which you have private keys.

Advantages ETH7

Full transparency

All operations are fully open access

Work without borders

Access to eth7.io anywhere in the world

Investment security

All funds are stored in the Ethereum system without the possibility of their withdrawal by anyone

Our goal

Our goal is to create an honest and long-lasting project that will be available to all


ETH7 team are professional programmers and marketers who know their business

Payment guarantee

Every 12 hours the participant can withdraw accrued interest

Full audit

Passed several smart contract security audits

Smart contract statistics



12:00 AM







Work days


Cashback days ETH7

Our team has developed a unique model of cashbacks that will be held on scheduled dates. Each action has its own mathematical component that will help the project to develop and grow. The percentage of cashback depends on the Deposit amount
(Information updated)

Cashback day №1

Promotion is valid one day from 05.11.2018 23:59 to 06.11.2018 23:59 UTC
◈ 0.1 ETH – 3 ETH cashback – 2.5%
◈ 3 ETH – 7 ETH cashback – 3.5%
◈ 7 ETH – ∞ ETH cashback – 5%

Cashback day №2

Promotion is valid two days from 15.11.2018 23:59 to 17.11.2018 23:59 UTC
◈ 0.1 ETH – 3 ETH cashback – 3%
◈ 3 ETH – 7 ETH cashback – 5%
◈ 7 ETH – ∞ ETH cashback – 7%

Cashback day №3

Promotion is valid two days from 27.11.2018 23:59 to 29.11.2018 23:59 UTC
◈ 0.1 ETH – 3 ETH cashback – 5%
◈ 3 ETH – 7 ETH cashback – 8%
◈ 7 ETH – ∞ ETH cashback – 10%

Cashback day №4

The offer is valid for two days 09.12.2018 23:59 to 11.12.2018 23:59 UTC
◈ 0.1 ETH – 3 ETH cashback – 7%
◈ 3 ETH – 7 ETH cashback – 10%
◈ 7 ETH – ∞ ETH cashback – 15%

Payment of cashback

Cashback payment is made by sending a zero transaction to the smart - contract address after 24 hours from the opening of the Deposit

Wallet information

Here You can see all the information about the work of your Deposit

Your deposit
Available for payout
Last access
Percent of incomes
1.85% every 12 hours

ETH7 - open to everyone


ETH7 has developed a program fixed profit, it is made for successful and continuous operation of the project. Each investor will receive 150% total charges including Deposit. With this tool, we achieve equality between the participants. This model will help us to promote the project qualitatively and thus influence the term of its work. The investor who has reached 150% of accruals (100% Deposit + 50% profit), is eliminated from the Fund automatically, the smart contract removes the address of his wallet.


Top up deposit

You can replenish your Deposit at any time convenient for you, if you have funds in your account at the time of Deposit possible conclusion, they will automatically go to your wallet. All created deposits from one wallet are added to the total Deposit, and interest is charged every 12 hours.


Still have questions? Send a message right now!